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Since its foundation in 1979, The Danish manufacturer Sofline developed constantly, driven by the desire of innovation and became an international brand represented in more than 60 countries.
Using the foam in new and innovative ways, Sofline creates functional, iconic, high-quality furniture for modern lifestyle, in their own factory in Denmark. The combination between design and functionality is today Softline’s  trademark. A piece of furniture can be used in different ways: for sitting, loungin or for sleeping.
The company collaborates closely with  renowned international designers who all share the passion for quality, creativity and style that characterizes Softline.
In addition to furnishing thousands of houses and public spaces all over the world, Softline has been involved in many interesting, fun projects : busk+hertzog designed the Hello as a present to Kylie Minogue, the Lotus sofa is a part of the fashionable interior in the movie “Sex and the City”, Grand Prix was a gift to the Danish Crown Prince and Princess. 

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Opera pouf medium
upholstery Griffon 995TE

449,82€ / piece
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Opera sofa high
upholstery Vision 455 seat_452 back

2.031,69€ / piece
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Nector Pouf
upholstery Griffon 995TH

279,65€ / piece
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Fold chair
upholstery Vision 453

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Pouf Pouf
upholstery Eco Cotton 518

148,75€ / piece
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Unit pouf
upholstery Vision 444

385,56€ / piece
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Pause pouf
upholstery Eco Cotton 520

304,64€ / piece
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Me and U swing
upholstery Eco Cotton 515

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Basket Sofa High
upholstery Vision Red 448

1.652,91€ / piece
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Tribeca Table small
black MDF top_legs steel black_Ø75 cm

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Boggie side table
white top_powder coated metal white base

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Angel Swivel Chair
upholstery Divina3 Blue 756_ chrome steel base

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Bingo Pouf
upholstery Griffon Red 995 TD_steel tray table

366,52€ / piece

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