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Fibre by Auskin

Fibre by Auskin is a global company, headquartered in Australia, with a history in tanning, manufacturing and distributing natural sheepskin products globally.
Fibre By Auskin offers an extended range of unique natural fibre products, textures and colours to suit any interior environment. The manufacturer transforms natural sheepskin from New Zealand and Australia, where the best shipskin in the world is produced, into products that enhance wool’s natural qualities. The natural fibres are handcrafted into amazing collection of rugs, cushions, pillows, bean bags a.o. Smart, innovative  design is at the core of the company.
Combining stunning aesthetics with superior construction, from long, luxurios fibres and silky softness to plush pile and short wool, the Auskin products capture the best of what nature has to offer.

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Longwool cushion
Rose Quartz_35x35 cm

32,13€ / piece
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Quatro sheepskin

418,88€ / piece
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Double sheepskin

202,30€ / piece
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Single sheepskin

105,91€ / piece
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Alpaca Suri Cushion
Microsuede Black 50 X 50 cm

185,64€ / piece
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Bean bag
Medium Ivory 71x85x83 cm

630,70€ / piece
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Bean bag
Large Steel 93x92 cm

856,80€ / piece

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