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Founded in 2008 in Italy, Infiniti is a young but powerful furniture brand for home and contract market.Creativity, know-how-ul, design-thinking, innovation, recycling,  are the values that define Infiniti. The production of chairs, stools, tables, sofas is structured in 3 plants where the company manufacture plastic,metal and wood, creating collection 100% made in Italy.Today, Infinity has reached  more than 70 countries. The year 2016 represented a turning point for the company: the manufacturer got a new image and product selection.
Starting from 2020, Infinity uses a new plastic in production, PCR, deriving from post-industrial consumption. The company’s goal is to convert the entire portfolio into industrial PCR by 2023, to the detriment of non-recycled polypropylene, to create durable, functional products which help reduce the environmental impact and respect the nature even more

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Flink wood low stool
stained ash_light grey frame

335,58€ / piece
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Join folding table
white Polypropylene PP20 top_embosed white steel base AC20_Ø70cm h71 cm

291,55€ / piece
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Next maxi table
Heritage oak RH03 top and legs_80x160cm H72 cm

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Next round table
white Fenix FX01 top_natural oak MAR03 legs_115x115cm h72 cm

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Next Q maxi table
black fenix FX02 top_black solid beech MAF02 legs_80x160cm H72 cm

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Next Q round table
black fenix FX02 top_black solid beech MAF02 legs_115x115cm H72 cm

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Next Q square table
black fenix FX02 top_black solid beech MAF02 legs_80x80cm H72 cm

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Flink table
black laminate LM02 top_black steel base_Ø60cm h45 cm

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Diapason table
black stainless stell AC31 top_black steel base AC31_Ø70cm h71 cm

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Record meeting table
black Fenix FX02 top_embossed black steel frame_ 75x220cm h108

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Line Table
black laminate LM02 top_embosed white aluminium frame_ 70x70cm h72 cm

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Line Table
white Polypropylene PP20 top_embosed white aluminium frame_ Ø70cm h72 cm


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