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Events calendar 2023

16 Jan. 2023
Quality Chairs for Work & Home - Ergonomic Furniture
Interior design events calendar 2023 | BrandsFurniture by DACCA

We have planned a series of events for this year and we would like you to be part of our community.
So please let us know what you are interested in and what topics can help you improve your next projects, lead you to new ideas and collaborations.
8 June 2023 - Special guest | Garden party
9 November 2023 - Showroom private sale | Exclusive residential design
7 December 2023 - Project and clients of 2023 | Glow up party

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This event, which combines interior design and biophilic architecture information, will bring together people from the field of interior design who want to learn more about biophilic design and exchange experiences regarding the integration of natural elements into home interiors.

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The Green Connection: Exploring Biophilic Design

Excited to announce our next event focused on biophilic design, where you'll learn about the benefits of bringing nature into your living spaces.

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Architecture students: Young and smart

Yesterday we had guests. Over 70 smart and beautiful students from Faculty of Architecture - Technical University of Cluj Napoca. We talk about acoustics solutions, flooring and other smart, sustainable and modern solutions

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Calendar evenimente 2023

Calendar evenimente design interior 2023 | BrandsFurniture by DACCA

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Brands Furniture Showroom Private Sale - First edition 2022

The First Edition of our unique, exquisite series of events

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