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Gifts for a luxury touch: white and gold

16 Oct. 2020
Go Modern and Luxurious with Black, White and Gold Decor

Gold and White accents left us in the ’80s, but it is once again back and a popular design trend! The mixing of white and gold colours is one of the classiest choices ever. 

White interiors are like an untouched canvas, where the possibilities are endless, and gold is instantly synonymous with luxury design and a sense of opulence and exclusivity.

When you pair the two you not only create a design trend that brings contemporary flair and modern decoration to your home design, you get clean and sleek interiors that are easily stylized and where the colours compliment each other.

The chic white interiors can be enhanced by pairing furniture with gold accents, that bring out all the details on the design pieces.

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The golden hue has a wonderful radiant effect. When we incorporate it into a space through several matching elements, we really make it special and unique! A harmonious relationship between golden wall art and corresponding stationery is a sight for sore eyes!

Even if your room happens to have a slightly darker interior, you can absolutely brighten it up with a winning combination of white and gold! This particular color palette demands to be in the center of attention and instantly creates a focal point that you cannot take your eyes off!

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