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Ideas and tips for choosing the right chair

9 Feb. 2021
Whether we are talking about the chairs located in the lobby of a well-known hotel, in a prestigious restaurant or about the office chairs, they will be chosen carefully, in order to integrate harmoniously with the other elements,and display the desired image. 

What kind of space do you arrange?

Do you need chairs for an elegant restaurant or for a corporate cafeteria? Office chairs for an advertising agency or for a multinational company in which many employees work in an open space?

For each type of space, you will definitely find the right chair! It is important that it matches, from a chromatic point of view, the style and materials with the room you are furnishing. For an elegant hotel restaurant, for example, you could choose the Fritz Hansen Drop chair with an interesting story.

The chair is the younger brother of the much more famous Egg and Swan, signed by Arne Jacobsen. A simple chair with elegant lines, maybe too simple for its period…

So at that time, 56 years ago, it was not released. A small series of 200 pieces was executed for a hotel and the production stopped here, Fritz Hansen considering that the technology was too new and the chairs would not have had the expected success. Here, 56 years later, the Drop chair is among the most appreciated pieces of the Hansen brand. One of those modern chairs, comfortable at the same time, with a special shape.

A restaurant chair when it was created, but also suitable as a chair for arranging a home, for cafes or even as an office chair, in an advertising agency, for example. The chair is one of the most versatile items of furniture, isn't it?

An additional proof of the versatility of this piece of furniture is the SAMMEN chair, also from Fritz Hansen, suitable for an elegant office, but also for a cafe or a bohemian restaurant - and even for the waiting room of a prestigious medical clinic !

For a chic, youthful bistro, you could choose the A.I. by Kartell. An exclusive, modern chair with an innovative design. Your visitors will appreciate the simplicity of the model, but also the comfort offered and will be happy to hear that the A.I. by Kartell, under the signature of Phillipe Starck, is environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled material.

If we are talking about an outdoor arrangement, the terrace of a restaurant for example, the chosen chair model will have to be resistant to various rains and temperatures, but also comfortable for the user. For this space you can choose, for example, the GENERIC A chair from Kartell, made of polypropylene, elegant and at the same time comfortable.

Another modern and at the same time comfortable and elegant variant is the French Weave chair from Cane Lane

The style in which you want the arrangement is also essential for the selection of chairs.

It's important that the layout reflects a unified idea - even if sometimes you want to come up with something different. Chairs are pieces of furniture with which you can emphasize a certain style, but also come with a different note, depending on what you want.

For a simple, minimalist office, you could choose, for example, a Cube Design chair. S10 is our choice, a versatile chair, available in a wide range of colors, in the version with and without backrest. 

For a contemporary restaurant, in industrial style and not only, our choice is the Masters chair from Kartell. With an elegant and comfortable look due to the high and wide backrest, the Masters chair is at the same time practical, stable and easy to maintain.

For a restaurant with Scandinavian accents, you can choose a chair with simple and elegant lines, very comfortable. The chair has several variants, suitable for a bar or high tables: An elegant and versatile chair, with simple lines and designed to offer, at the same time, a maximum of comfort, is the Catch chair, which bears the signature of Jaime Hayon.

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