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Do you love this? Romantic interior design vibes

13 Feb. 2023
 Me&U swing
Lovely tableware, furniture pieces, chairs and decorations

There are so many styles and types of decorations, interior design and furniture.
Every element in a room can give us specific vibes and energy, starting with the shape, color and material. 

This month we will focus on the fine files, nice curves and romantic colors. Did I said RED? Yes, because it is almost Valentine's day. Even if you celebrate it or not, a bit of romanticism never hurts. A reminder of  love for our partner, member of family or simply our self … can do magic. 

There are the very basic and the fundamental interior designing style: modern style of interior design, industrial interior design style, minimalist interior design style.

Lots of specialists consider interior design to be art, and we are very much agree with it. Here are the seven principles of interior design: balance, unity, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, scale and proportion, and details.

1 Stone

Stone from Kartell is a stool that has a shape which is reminiscent of an hourglass, its surface is simply extraordinary: it is irregular and comprises a myriad of geometrical facets which reflect the light and create a striking and unique play of colours, much like a diamond.

2 Flowerpot

Add a touch of personality to your outdoor settings with this amazing planter. Miss Flower Power has a generous, elongated silhouette, creating an unforgettable impression.

3 Happy 490

Happy by Pedrali is a collection that stands out for a funny and playful design. Barstool in polypropylene charged with glass fiber, it is resistant and lightweight. This version consists of two joined parts which can be detached, so as to obtain two different seat heights.


4 Colette 50

A beautiful, transparent table lamp with a sculptural shape that will add charm to any interior. Colette is ideal as a bedside lamp, spreading a warm, calming light into the bedroom. It is available in several colours and sizes.

5 Me&U swing

Designed by Busk+Hertzog for Softline, Me&U is an upholstered indoor swing, an eye-catching and fun accessory that creates a beautiful atmosphere in any space, whether  is a lounge area in a public or a private space, a painting studio, a child room or a large lobby.

6 Angel Swivel Chair

With its iconic design, Angel is a very distinctive and comfortable swivel chair, which certainly does not go unnoticed.  Due to its edgy, ultra-stilish silhouette, the chair fits perfectly in modern interiors as a standalone element or in combination with other furniture items. The elegant Angel swivel chair is  available in a wide range of vibrant colours and fabrics and its cover is removable.
In 2011, Angel, created by the Danish duo busk+hertzog, received the Good Award Design.

7 Cymbal

The disarmingly simple Cymbal has its origin in the world of music. Inspired by the musical instruments’s simple shape, paying  homage to fine craftmanship, the designer Helena Svensson created a classic  lamp  that spreads the light in a beautiful way. Cymbal si also available as pendant and table lamp.

8 Tatami 306

A comfortable outdoor chair, Tatami invites you to sit and relax in your garden, patio, in an open-air restaurant or on a terrace. Available in several very nice colors, Tatami is an ideal choice for modern outdoor environments.

9 Tray

Tray combines two functional elements: the lamp - an opal white glass globe that provides a comfortable, nice light and the tray - perfect for keeping small items on it. A smart addition to your interior, Tray works great in a variety of spaces, both public and residential.

Love is in the air all this month
Do it with style
...and don't forget the flowers...or chocholate...or both 

Classic? Going to a nice dinner
Romantic? A lamp, for atmosphere
Inventive - Swing for 2? That something out of the ordinary for sure
Over the top?  Get a new red couch - a Valentine's day to remember

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