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Easter Gifts: Designer pieces that will always be appreciated

30 Mar. 2022
Easter gifts
Easter gifts ideas are one of the most present thoughts in our minds these spring days, as this important holiday is here in the near future. Easter special days have become during the last decade one of the few occasions when we have the chance to go home and to spend good time with our loved ones, with the members of our family or dear friends who we don’t manage to get in touch with so often.

Having this in mind, we all want to offer something special to our people, in order for them to have one more reason to smile and to spread joy all around because nothing makes someone happier than receiving a present. This specific and unique moment assures the transposing into childhood and brings a lot of real connection and gratitude between human beings, positive vibes more than necessary in present times.

As choosing appropriate Easter gifts is not an easy task, below are some alternatives for you to get inspired.

Useful Easter gifts with a modern design

A piece of great use in everyday home activities is always welcome, moreover when it has a designer creativity behind. The most beautiful objects are the ones with a double destination, playing both the role of decorations and serving at the same time for a practical usage. So, you can pick a wonderful bone bowl golden touched that looks stylish for holding fruits or vegetables on the dinner table and that can give personality to the living room by simply completing the general design.

If you want to offer a unique designed gift to a very special person, kitchen passionate and innovation lover, a collection of I D Ish by DO plates is the best option. This takes the act of serving food to the next level, having each plate with a fingerprint on it, making its imaginative appearance a functional one too.

As the warm weather is here and the outdoor meetings are the favourite ones on holiday time, a designer collection of tableware destination items will surely be very appreciated as part of your Easter gifts. You can choose from different variants of colours and shapes, according to the preferences of your friends or family members, adding these to the table setting look being the perfect assortment. Therefore, you will share special moments enjoying your preferred beverages with these creative sets of glasses for wine, water, soft drinks and carafe. Moreover, in order to complete the outdoor tableware, you may offer a complete dinner set inspired by Japanese pottery, characterised by highly refined textures in natural earthy colours, with a rough feel and matt finishes, expressing the harmonious blend of modern and traditional.

Easter gifts

Easter gifts for lighting homes

The pieces bringing light to our houses are very important, being of great help in daily activities, and no one can do without these objects. For example, a pair of new table lamps in pink and grey colours for your parents with an elegant look will impress them. These are spreading a soft light, due to the fact that they are coated with metal in brass colour, permitting the brightness to reflect beautifully on its inside.

As we are in the work for home era, a table lamp suitable for the desk is a great idea for someone who spends a lot of late hours in front of the computer, such as a business passionate friend or a freelancer projects lover. This being stated, a distinctive shaped lamp like Ludo, consisting in three elements: the metal screen cone, the matte white round globe and the rectangular base that has a USB socket suitable for charging must be among your Easter gifts.

For a woman, the best table lamp will surely be Moonlight, an attractive one with a romantic design, like one inspired by the moon surface, made of ceramic, that spreads a warm light and manages to create a cosy atmosphere and to add a homely touch to her interior. When it comes about a very chic feminine presence, Orbit is the perfect luxurious lamp you can offer. It is spreading a cosy, indirect light, and the black marble base together with the brass coloured shades made of metal perfectly blend in a unique designer piece.

Boehme personalities love one of a kind pieces inspired by nature, so the Leaf Lamp Tree is the ideal one for them. It is a sound absorbing and lighting solution that stands on the ground with a robust base and can be bolted to the floor or an optional baseplate that makes the tree freestanding. This lamp softly diffuses the light to create a soothing atmosphere and has sound-absorbing qualities too, radically improving the speech perception in any interior.

Small objects with big impact as Easter gifts

Generally, you need just something small in order to make a big impression, so this is valid when it comes to Easter gifts for your loved ones as well. So, according to their preferences and tastes, you can bring them a lot of joy with a simple expressive item.

A stylish handbag in her favourite colour will make her heart glow, so for a woman you can’t go wrong with that. This has beautiful colour combinations, decorated with reproductions of orchids, peonies, anemones, dahlias, and buttercups and with two hands forming a heart, reminding of universal love.

For wine collectors, the Infinity piece is a real treasure, as it is catchy, colourful and a very versatile bottle-holder. What makes it different is the modular characteristic, being an item whose elements can be connected to form as many rings as the owner desires, in order to store the bottles in the best way suitable for his taste.

As coffee is very popular among people all over the world, for sure you have at least an acquaintance who loves drinking the so-called liqueur of happiness. In this case, you can easily opt for one or more of the tumbler pieces available. These are simple and practical, made of porcelain with a silicone sheath. They are available on various colours and sizes according to the different coffee specialities and all have a frothy milk topping, corresponding to the standard setting of many coffee machines.

To conclude, there are a lot of amazing ways to bring joy in the souls of our close people and one of them is spending quality time together and offering them as Easter gifts special designer pieces that will be very appreciated. Having in mind their personalities and preferences, for sure you will make the right choices regarding the presents for this Easter, so let’s begin to buy some gifts.  

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