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Exclusive Residential Design

17 Oct. 2022
Exclusive Residential Design
The interior design and the comfort of our homes became more and more important as we grow as individual person, we want our place to represent us, to be the best place for us and our family.

Few walls are just a cube, when you add the windows becames a room, furniture it gives more utility and a sofa more comfort... so let’s move forward and make it a beautiful and exclusive home for you and your family.
The interior design and the comfort of our homes became more and more important as we grow as individual person, we want our place to represent us, to be the best place for us and our family. In our “space” we want to be able to relax on a comfortable and cozy sofa, we want few lights that give coziness to the room, few fuzzy pillows or a handmade knitted blanket. Walking into the kitchen to grab a snack we want to step on a rug hand tufted, made from 100% pure wool and so one.
Sounds lovely, right?
A well done interior design enhances a space by making it more suitable for its purpose. Functionality is one of the key aspects of interior design. For example, if you are planning to design a bedroom, the interior designer will make the choices that emphasize relaxation and rest. For an office or work area, a designer will focus on arranging a space that favors light and intellectual stimulation. When a home is well designed, it doesn't look good but serves its purpose perfectly. Interior design makes everything work together, from lighting to furniture and decorations, making the place feel more inviting and welcoming.
With all of our experience and lots of projects we love to share with you our upscale brands what can make your house remarkable, comfortable and exclusive.


70 years of history, of family, of culture and design, of industrial products, new materials and cutting edge technologies.

[ BrandsFurniture_Kartell_MasterChair ]

Kartell puts together creativity, glamour and  innovation  to create a exclusiv collection of design. From the iconic Master chair to every year new collections and designer collaborations, this brand  impresses us with new techniques, innovative items and elegance.

Louis de Poortere

High-quality materials and a special attention to every detail in design, which you could mix and match in order to decorate your house in a beautiful and stylish way.

[ BrandsFurniture_Louis de Poortere ]

The new collections of Louis de Poortere woven cotton rugs surprise with the design inspired by the most varied and unexpected aspects of life, but also with the quality, comfort and durability of the fabric.


When choosing Bolon you get a high-end design flooring with all the practical benefits of woven vinyl. Beautiful, tactile and easy to clean and maintain.

[ BrandsFurniture_Bolon ]

The story of the Bolon special flooring brand begins 60 years ago, somewhere in Sweden. Bolon defines a new, revolutionary concept in the field of flooring – both in terms of design, materials and manufacturing technologies. They are floors made of braided vinyl, very resistant, with an appearance very close to textile materials, being practically based on a unique material with combined textures


The uniqueness of the “italian way” in pedrali lies in the ability to combine human wealth, aesthetic excellence, savoir faire, technology, first-rate craftsmanship and a project culture nurtured by an open exchange between entrepreneurs and designers.

[ BrandsFurniture_Pedrali ]

Fibre by Auskin

...sources unique natural fibres and textures from around the globe.
The rugs are handcrafted with great care for quality made of  New Zealand and Australia sheepskin. The raw material, natural sheepskin is carefully selected, based on density and natural luster or texture, so that the fur rugs are of very good quality, durable and comfortable, with a modern design and as close as possible to natural skin.

DitreI Italia 

The design that makes Ditre Italia’s products stand out from the rest results from a way of looking at things that cuts through the surface to the essence of objects, suggesting new items.
                                                                                                                                                      [ BrandsFurniture_DitreItalia ]

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