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Home office solutions by Kartell

2 Dec. 2021
“Home office” is one of the most trending concepts of the moment, approached by many architects, designers and furniture suppliers, or even retailers, considering that in the current context most of us had to, or chose to work from home.

In some cases, the concept meant only to revitalise standard collections by adding unrelated complementary elements, in an attempt to integrate and harmonise with the existing ambiance. But the home office is much more than that and can even become an exercise of creativity. Maybe you don’t want a classic office atmosphere, but you would rather transform the working space according to higher standards, with a catchy design that will give the time spent here a specific sensation. Actually, the main challenge of working from home is managing to focus on what you have to do without being distracted.


There are many aspects that you need to pay attention to: the available space, lighting, topography of the place in which you will work (maybe just for a few hours now and then). Taking all this into consideration, you need a flexible and ergonomic solution in which the quality, aspect and finishes are not being overlooked. 

We suggest an extremely practical set-up with high quality products and with an appearance that will surely convince you: desk, chair, desk lamp and storage solutions. 

These are practically the integrated components that you need for a highly functional space, manufactured by the renowned italian brand Kartell, famous for its originality built on simplicity; but we know that simplicity is not easy to obtain.
1. EARL OF WOOD desk - signed by the French architect and designer Philippe Starck, it’s a furniture element with organic, fluid lines made from curved wood, with 3 types of finishes (light wood, dark wood și black) and metallic chrome or black legs. The shape is natural and incredibly practical at the same time; multifunctional, being the perfect solution for a home or even office-installed desk. Sometimes, it’s a way of changing the formal and artificial perspective of the office work concept. 


2. Q/WOOD swivel office chair – with a design signed by the same Philippe Starck, that won the Red Dot Design Awards 2020, due to its originality, resistance, as well as specifications regarding eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance. The seating fabric doesn’t contain any PFC harmful chemicals, is treated against bacteria and mites and can be cleaned using nothing but water. The support structure is made of chromed or painted steel, while the shell is made of curved tridimensional wood with specific nuances in light and dark wood. The product was conceived to facilitate cleaning, eco-friendly maintenance by using only water.


3. MAUI SOFT upholstered swivel chair – it’s an alternative that can be included in our office set, having a more varied colour palette, as well as being fireproof and eco-friendly. Built on a chromed steel structure, the chair’s upholstery is made from the new generation of polyester based textiles Norma; made from 50% recycled fibres, which meets high standards of fire resistance. Besides the suggested colours (grey, mustard, ochre, green, beige, blue), personalised nuances can be custom-ordered. The chair signed by Vico Magistretti, one of the “classics” of Italian Design, follows ergonomic lines with firm or soft surfaces so that it offers the ultimate comfort.


4. MOBIL MAT storage unit (designer Antonio Citterio) is a new edition of the item that has been on the market since 1994 when it won the Compasso d’Oro competition. Specific to its build: the strong metallic structure and the way the drawers and shelves are designed for maximum efficiency, simplicity and versatility, makes it perfect for any space. Now, Mobil Mat is made using recycled plastic materials, new matte finish in original green, light blue, plum purple, white and black. 


5. ADAM WOOD storage shelving –  is a modular library made of wood and steel, designed by the same famous Philippe Starck, in two finishes: black ash and dark wood. This elegant furniture piece has an optimized structure, dimensions  99 x 32 x 215 cm, offers maximum resistance with minimum material consumption; the curved wooden shelves can be set at different heights, according to the needs. 


6. ALEDIN desk lamp - it was designed by the famous Milanese designers (father-son) Alberto and Francesco Meda. The two variants, TEC and DEC are differentiated by the shape of the lampshade that either creates a direct light beam, for the desk area, or a wider beam that make it suitable for other residential needs as well - for example, to illuminate a certain area of the room. The lamp is powered by LED lights included in the A, A+ or A++ energy class. The materials used for the articulated arm are mass coloured polycarbonate and anodised aluminium, and can extend up to 113 cm.


This office suggestion, with all its components, is just one of the interior design solutions that we propose as a complete set-up, ready to be integrated into your space. 
The concept can be incorporated into a more complex layout, that can include other elements - like flooring, furniture, wall panels and wallpaper, acoustic solutions, lighting or textile decorations.  
The leading brands invest huge amounts of funds into research, technology and innovation in order to develop products that bring value to our lives. The products incorporate design of the highest quality, are reliable, sustainable, recyclable and disseminate respect towards humans and nature. 

At Kartell the constantly allocated resources today, just like 70 years ago, for technological research and development allow the company to discover new sources of renewable materials, with no negative impact on the environment. All product packaging is made of renewable and recyclable materials. Kartell is committed to protecting the environment and respecting the sustainability protocols. 

Kartell constantly contributes to consolidating the brand by building its name and story through its own products! The Kartell products are designed and created through investments in technological innovation, creative solutions and new materials that attest through performances and eco certifications.
Constant research in the field and attention to sustainable industrial processes have led Kartell to focus on three macro categories: Wood, Bio and Riciclato 100%.

You can have access to these types of products through specialised design companies with a lot of experience, which is reflected in their projects portfolio. 

BrandsFurniture provides the entire range of products for the complete renovation of a space. Our suppliers are well known in the European market, which have been selected based on their ability to innovate, to integrate high technology, with concern for functionality and design of the highest quality. Thus, we can cover any segment of the market: residential, office, hospitality, health, education, etc. We are always interested in the final result of the project and our clients can feel that.
From January 2022 we invite you to visit us at the new Office & Showroom BrandsFurniture!
It will open on W. A. Mozart nr. 16 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. 
The space is designed to present a wide range of renovation solutions for any type of interior space, public or residential, including suggestions for furniture, finishes, decorations and services that we’re convinced will inspire you and offer a unique experience.
BrandsFurniture: complete solutions, top brands and a team of professionals!  

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