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Ideas for decorating an event room

25 Nov. 2020
The success of events, whether we are talking about weddings, baptisms or corporate events - such as conferences or workshops - depends largely on the arrangement of the room in which they take place.

How do we arrange an event and conference room?
The arrangement must comply with the expectations of those present, their final impression depending on how they felt in the room, the comfort offered by the organizers or how pleasant the atmosphere was.

The spaces must be pleasant, with a harmonious design, according to the type of event organized. The challenge here is that of flexibility, because the same space will host a wedding or a baptism, being the next day the setting of a corporate event.

Little Giraffe chair, Fritz Hansen

The recicled chair NO2, Fritz Hansen

With a few new decor elements, changing some of the textiles and some pieces of furniture, the conference room can be transformed into one that hosts a gala party or, why not, a stylish wedding.

On the other hand, it is important to take into account the arrangement of objects in the event rooms and to comply with the regulations in force regarding the operation of public spaces. The safety of visitors must take precedence when choosing the components of event and conference rooms.

The Masters chair, by Kartell, ideal for an impactful arrangement of an Event Hall

What aspects do we take into account when arranging the halls for events.

  1. Flexible spaces, easy to rearrange
Such a space will have to be easily reconfigured, by changing the decorative elements, the furniture and, possibly, the textiles. If we normally think of designing a space to be adapted to its target audience, in the case of event rooms it will be different, depending on the event organized.

The concept will have to take into account this specificity, providing a unitary structure, in which floors, acoustic solutions and lighting fixtures are easily harmonized with furniture, textiles or decorative elements - which will be different from event to event.

The "Ghost" chair, by Kartell, in design of the event halls

2. Functional and friendly space
The success of an event often depends on the way the room that hosts it is arranged or on the comfort felt by the guests. Therefore, it is important to create a functional and friendly space. It starts from a simple and elegant design, versatile and creates a friendly atmosphere.

Choose carefully the elements of the arrangement - from chromatics to the materials chosen for each solution. You need a pleasant, airy space that will give elegance to every event and comfort to guests.

Zesty chair, Ply Collection brand 

3. Compliance with the requirements for public spaces
The event rooms will comply with the requirements regarding public spaces. It is important, for example, that the floors be fireproof or that the products used in the arrangements be professional products, intended for these types of spaces.

Grand Prix chair, Fritz Hansen

4. Acoustics, one of the most important if we talk about spaces for events
The acoustics of the room will be an essential element for the comfort of the users, whether we are talking about a wedding or a conference. It is important to find solutions that improve it, reducing noise and echo in the room.

They will also have an interesting design, which will harmonize with the rest of the decor elements. Acoustic panels, acoustic walls and dividers, acoustic furniture and ceilings - all these will be solutions to ensure the best possible sound of the room we are arranging.

See the Leaf Lamp Pendant from Green Furniture Concept here

Sound insulation is another aspect to consider when setting up an event room. If it belongs to a hotel, for example, it is important to think about the comfort of other guests.There are a multitude of solutions from this point of view: acoustic boards or specific furniture, for noise-absorbing luminaires, for decorations or acoustic ceilings.

5. Choosing the right furniture
Flexibility will again be one of the basic elements when it comes to event room furniture. It will be partially changed, depending on the type of event organized, but it is important that some of them can be kept, with the change of textiles, for example.

Another aspect to consider is comfort. Guests will spend several hours at an event, and the chairs must be not only elegant, but also provide the necessary comfort. The tables must have a certain height, the carpets will be comfortable, and the design of the whole room must denote good taste and elegance.

6. Light, temperature and ventilation
We will feel good in a room that is not only elegant, with furniture specially designed to be comfortable. It must be well ventilated, with the right temperature. Light is also essential.

Airplane pendant, Fritz Hansen

Everything is possible thanks to direct partnerships with our producers. From special furniture and floors, to solutions for walls, acoustic furniture, lighting fixtures, chairs, armchairs, decorations - we can offer all these solutions necessary for the professional arrangement of a room, effectively managing the budget available to us.

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