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Iconic types of chairs that will transform your interior design

22 Jul. 2022
Along with colours, carpets, walls, and textures, there are iconic types of chairs that complete your interior design. They can transform your home, office, or showroom into exclusive delightment spaces. With a history in Ancient Egypt, chairs are constantly interpreted by architects and designers, each famous for their own fingerprint. Most of these comfortable pieces of furniture are materials that sustain a friendly environment and come with fine lines, curves, sharp edges, or other characteristics.

When referring to iconic types of chairs, we refer to those chairs that create a buzz. Chairs that have personalities inspired by their creators. The furniture pieces are meticulously designed and crafted by architects with passion and a clear purpose. You can think of iconic chair pieces as products that in an empty room would bring pure joy and elegance. 
“The way we choose to sit, and what we choose to sit on, says a lot about us: our values, our tastes, the things we hold dear,” notes Atlantic that distinguished writer and architect Witold Rybczynski has written in his book called “Now I Sit Me Down.”
In daily life, we need chairs for everything; to eat, to learn, or to work. It is one of the reasons why it represents a basic feature item, and it is called to be “a type of seat.” There are chairs in waiting rooms, hospitals, restaurants, business rooms, public libraries, schools, and homes.

The most iconic types of chairs are BrandsFurniture signed, sealed, delivered

BrandsFurniture gathers the most iconic types of chairs that can easily transform interior design areas into real art. Let’s explore a few of the favorite items. 

1.Masters Stool Metalized Chrome for modern homes or workplaces

 The architects Philippe Starck and Eugen Quitllet have designed this unique piece of furniture for the Italian Kartell brand. Masters Stool is created from polypropylene material and it is stackable and lightweight. As a versatile and iconic type of chair that comes in various vivid shades and has beautifully crafted metallic finishes, it is a perfect choice for refined tastes.

2.Arod 500 chair model for an ergonomic barstool

Designed for the Pedrali brand by Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci, Arod is a barstool collection chair, made out of polycarbonate. For its ergonomic shape, it stands out as a comfortable bar furniture, iconic for any elegant restaurant or pub, or even home kitchen.

3.Victoria Ghost for elegant events

BrandsFurniture features the best brands and their one-of-a-kind dining chairs that can make an iconic standup in any setup. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor location. 
The worldwide well-known Philippe Starck contemporary architect uses contemporary design combined with classic inspiration. He created the Victoria Ghost chair for the Kartell brand, with classic lines and a geometric, antique medallion shape to be a perfect match for any type of event or space. Victoria Ghost is a strong, transparent chair, made of polycarbonate iconic material. It can be used for dining setups that bring comfort, joy, and warm feelings. 

4.Callita, a Japanese-art inspiration exquisite chair

The Callita item is a coloured-polyurethane creation of Andreas Ostwald for the Infinity furniture brand.
The calligraphic ancient Japanese art is the source of inspiration for this curved-shaped shape, quite a versatile product for any space, designed for exquisite places. The Callita chair is a special and iconic furniture that draws anyone's attention.

5.Madame Pucci chair is of barocco inspiration

Emilio Pucci created an elegant crystal clear armchair, with transparent polycarbonate, polyurethane, materials, and cotton fabrics. With the structure of the seat matching the abstract patterns of the frame, Madame’s Pucci concept is an incredible piece of art.

6.Comback swivel for unique offices

Patricia Urquiola is a young female designer trained in France and Italy, who crafts unique designs with personality. Each piece of furniture was architectured for comfortability and human’s modern lifestyle. The Comeback Swivel is one of the most popular chairs from the Kartell brand that consists of a single mould composition, made out of epoxy-polyester-coated steel and thermoplastic technopolymer.

This amazing chair brings back childhood memories, when people felt safe in an old-fashioned swing chair. The chair is created to connect perfectly with the human body. The Comeback Swivel can be easily placed in home offices, children’s rooms, or business residences.  

7.Bob chair for charming locations

Bob is an innovative, tiny and soft chair designed by Andreas Lund for the Softline furniture brand. Similar to anything small and fresh, the Bob chair comes in various colours and textures. By opting for a vivid hue, you can place the Bob chair in children’s rooms, playrooms, business lounge spaces, but it can definitely be a fit in a generous living room. Mix low and high pieces of furniture to diversify your places. Bob must be the most adorable tiny chair in the world. 

8. Pure Loop Edu for educational locations

Claus Breinholt combined modern and ergonomic designs to match with aluminium and polypropylene materials to create a spectacular and enjoyable chair for the Infinity group. The Pure Loop Edu item is a chair built especially for educational institutions.

Iconic since ancient history

Nowadays, we’re sitting down too much. At least, we can make this comfortable and visually appealing. A chair can complete an interior design. Each chair has a story and represents an iconic type for a specific interior design. Depending on what you’re looking out for, iconic types of chairs can fulfill your home, office, or any type of business. 
The word chair has been recognized from the 13th-century chaere English word, that was also known in French as chaire. In Latin, chairs were referred to as cathedra, and it was used in the “early Christian basilica as a raised bishop’s throne placed near the wall of the  apse, behind the altar,” as Britannica explains. From seat to throne, a chair has been noted as a symbol of dignity in past times.
Royal family, royal weddings - they all use chairs in their throne ceremonies.

Materials, comfortability & creativity drive chairs as iconic types

Iconic types of chairs can be made from wood, metal, stone, or acrylic materials. 
Depending on their usage purpose, chairs need a lower or higher reclining angle and functional requirements. Most important demands are size, stain resistance, design, durability, weight, height, stacking, and folding abilities. How comfortable the chair is is determined by the ergonomics. Browse throughout the extensive chairs’ gallery and choose your favourite iconic types of chairs to match with your home or office interior design. Bring your own personality and create a space where you feel creative, safe, and free.

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