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Spring Renewal Ideas: Interior Design Trends 2022

24 Mar. 2022
Spring Renewal 2022
After a prolonged time spent mostly indoors, reconnecting with our home offices, so to say, we have created more space and time for our homes. This new awareness has led to a real evolution of the way we relate to external events and have the courage to bring to the surface the artistic side and the inner beauty. And this, of course, impacts our homes. Learn all you need to know about the Interior design trends 2022.

The change of mentality is always reflected in the preferences for interior design, and the evolution of the contemporary style reinforces this idea. As the time spent in interior spaces is longer, we tend to put more emphasis on an expressive interior design, which highlights special personality traits. So, there can be easily observed an increasingly strong orientation towards the natural, the living, the essence. All these characteristics are also manifested in the interior design trends 2022, being highlighted now more than ever the charm of reconnecting to natural elements and tradition.

Let’s discover the most important spring renewal ideas in total balance with the interior design trends 2022.

1. Sustainability - a basic interior design trend 2022

The idea of sustainability has had a growing influence on the interior design industry in recent years, as the people's exposure to climate change has considerably increased. As a result, the use of organic materials has become prominent, and in 2022 we will observe a further emphasis on sustainable raw matter, responsible manufacturing, and the reuse and resale of furniture and homeware. 

The priority for all interior designers is to start looking into the sustainability of everything, and it is really excellent that the majority of them are beginning to see new brilliant options for sustainable fabrics and materials. Interior design artists are continuously learning about the best natural resources to use in their creations, in order to respect the long-term health of our ecosystem. This will translate into a clear shift towards more conscious choices, and investing in meaningless furniture and accessories will become a thing of the past. 

2. Interior Design Trends 2022 - accents of vintage style

Vintage is the star in 2022, this style becoming the protagonist of every room, having the power to influence the storytelling and direction. All this because of the beautiful woods, the touchable texture and warmth brought to every space, together with a sacred sentimentality. Moreover, vintage finds add unique personality and interest to a space while expressing love and respect for the past.  

The focus will be on extending the life of items around the home rather than buying some new pieces, a move towards household goods with reclaimed woods and decorations with recycled glass and metal. This way, the footprint is reduced while bringing a rich sense of history and spirit into a space. Beside their decorative propensity, vintage rare antiquities are stylishly sustainable, by repurposing the old, the damaged, the jagged into something new. So, it is such a wonderful way to make a space feel timeless, including pieces that are from all different eras, and the final design feels unexpected and fresh.

3. Boldness for colors and patterns - enriching interior design trends 2022

2022 represents the year when the color trending of interior design brings into the spotlight modern, bold colors getting away from neutrals and all white interiors. Now is the perfect time to change from pastel and muted colors from last year to more vibrant colors and bold patterned fabrics. The star color of the year is green in all its natural tones.

The bright and joyful nuances that set the tone for this year are for sure increasing the level of happiness and even of self-confidence, bringing more smiles on everyone's faces. Wallpaper continues to be a dominant element in interiors, with strong bravely artistically mixed patterns and more textured materials being used to create spaces with a special character in order to surround and facilitate creativity.

A neutral color palette will still play a significant role in interior design, but by adding richer colors, especially the ones coming from nature, which bring warmth and life into interior spaces. Citrus green, RAF blue, rich reds will be present in all shades as the aim of interior design trends 2022 is to continue to bring the outdoors inside. Classic colors and punchy paints can serve a great purpose in the right place and really make art and simple furniture pop. Pretty silhouettes and floral fabrics come to life with the right hue and can help to create coordinated, proper interiors. 

interior design trends 2022

4. Interior design trends 2022 - sculptural and soft forms

A big trend that will continue in 2022 is the preference for curved shapes and angles when it comes to both furniture and architecture. The reason is that subconsciously a soft form is interpreted as being precious and welcoming, conferring safety and creating a friendly atmosphere. 

The sculptural furnishings are becoming a perfect combination of nature and culture, as some items of white oak with curves bring a fresh and soft, wavy feeling. From curved corners within walls and cabinets to soft backs of sofas, dining chairs, arched cabinets and luxuriant seats, the angular line of furnishing is gracious with its sensual shapes, round edges and deep endings. Also, alcove shelving and bold, colored headboards are proving the perfect way to encourage one of the most valuable interior design trends 2022

It might seem that all these characteristics are about boho style, however curves and arches can be stylish and elegant in addition to any style of interior. Arched forms are also a trend in architectural design, especially as modern house extension ideas. From vaulted roofs and windows to arched doorways, rounded bar designs and curved kitchen island countertops, arches make an impact on every level of home design. 

In conclusion, interior design trends 2022 are about appreciating nature and giving the worth value to the past, having in the same time new directions concerning the way all those precious elements can be combined. The spring renewal ideas for this year are about daring to shine, having in mind the awareness for our planet and of course using green as the central element of interior design mindset. 

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