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Joy and Happiness on Children's Day

31 May. 2023
Globen - Smallville
Children's Day is a special occasion that calls for creating a captivating and inspiring space for your little ones.

We understand the significance of crafting an environment that nurtures their imagination and offers a perfect space for play and relaxation. In this article, we present delightful elements and ideas to help you transform your child's room into a wonderland of joy this Children's Day.

Scion Mr Fox rugs feature a playful design with vibrant colours, created to bring joy and fun. The rugs, designed in Uk by Scion and handmade in India by Brink&Campman, are ideal for your home, for a educational center or a kindergarten.

Illustrating the moonlight shimmering over the city when the night comes, Smallville is an elegant and luxurious element in your interior. This decorative table lamp is ideal to put on a sideboard or on a bookshelf.

Invisible table kids
A very nice addition to any kid room, the Invisible Table comes with brightly coloured Kids graphics on the top. Combine it with Lou Lou Ghost chair and  you’ll have both a highly esthetic and functional ensemble in the world of little ones.

The perfect choice for any kid's room and for all educational spaces, the Balloon wall lamp was designed by Patrick Hall for Globen Lighting. The light bulb, hidden behind the ballon, spreads a calm, beautiful light around its playful silhouette, urging to stories before sleep or simply to rest.

With its shape resembling a little ghost, this small table lamp is very easy to integrate in your décor. Place it on a bedside table, in your kid’s room, in a hotel room and  enjoy a distinctive interior detail.

A well-designed space can have a significant impact on a child's imagination and growth. Let's celebrate Children's Day by designing a room where dreams come true, with the finest kids' furniture and captivating interior design elements.

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