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Junior home decor: how to make the most of a children's room

8 Jun. 2022
We all want the best for our children in all life areas, so when it comes about their rooms, we are looking for the most qualitative pieces as home decor, to be sure that they have the proper comfort. Additionally, we also need to create a happy and colourful atmosphere and keep enough free space for the play, at the same time having in mind their safety as the first condition. So, with all these to be accomplished, it is certainly not an easy task to have the perfect junior home decor for our kids, but for making your work a bit simpler, here are some ideas to inspire:

Floor and wall junior home decor

For the comfort of your kids that are almost all the time playing on the floor, the hand tufted rug, though modern featured, will be perfect. Having a playful design  and contemporary colours, such a carpet is a valuable one that will bring a beautiful plus to your home decor, offering joy for your children, but also a luxury touch to the room. Because of the printed playful animals design in vibrant colours, these rugs have also an educational purpose together with the joy and fun that they bring. Each bespoke rug is available in different sizes.

For the wall of the kids’ room, a captivating mosaic pattern composed of squares of four smaller squares meeting at different angles will create a warm atmosphere. Having a simple, repetitive 3D design, this cork panel made only from natural materials is designed for smaller but playful and dynamic spaces, being the ideal choose for junior home decor.

Junior home decor – useful and lovely pieces

Available in several attractive colours with a rounded silhouette, a small cabinet is a timeless piece of furniture designed to harmoniously fit in any room. Composed of two, three or four elements, it is versatile, being practical and functional in all settings, including for holding toys or little books. Of course, there is also a playful reinterpretation inspired by the modern emojis, looking exactly like a smiling friendly face, becoming ideal for any kids room or in any junior home decor. The children will simply love this small red cupboard, using their great imagination and integrating this piece in their play.

In a room where a lot of things are needed as well as enough space for joyful games, a multi-purpose item of furniture like the EUR is very welcome. Having the surface of the stool features geometries, this is perfect as a seat, but it can also be used as a side table or support for everything you and your kids’ creative mind could wish.

A very nice addition to any kid room, the Invisible Table comes with brightly coloured kids graphics on the top. Combine it with the highly aesthetic chair, very stable, strong and comfortable to sit on, Lou Lou Ghost chair, and you’ll have both a highly aesthetic and functional ensemble in the world of little ones. Other matching choice can be the very charismatic Bob chair from that you and the children will fall in love at first sight. It is a low soft chair, very comfortable, ideal for kids’ room with its modern design.

An interesting item characterized by its versatility, it is a coloured, stylish stool, that can be used as a stool or as a side table, fitting perfectly in the home decor of your kids’ room. Another chair suitable for your children is one made of polypropylene charged with glass fibres and injection moulded using gas air moulding technology, which makes it solid and at the same time light. Its playful shape, the adaptability to both external and internal environments and stack ability, characterize the version designed for theworld of children, without losing the strength of an unmistakable shape.

Home decor designed for kids’ world

Having the shape of the iconic Moschino bear, a playful lamp becomes a beautiful table lamp for the junior home decor, spreading a soft light will add trendy touch to your interior. There is also the version that look more similar to a plush toy, perfect for a friendly presence that lights on in order to accompany the little ones to sleep, helping them to let aside any fear and assuring that it will be there for a peaceful night, full of beautiful dreams.
Balloon wall lamp - Globen
The perfect choice for any kid's room, the Balloon wall lamp was specially designed to bring joy and smile to the children faces and suiting in their fairy tale space. The light bulb, hidden behind the balloon, spreads a calm, beautiful light around its playful silhouette, urging to stories before sleep or simply to rest.

Designed by an architect for Kartell, Discovolante piece is an iconic toy car, dedicated to the wonderful play time of your kids. Being made of transparent methacrylate with a metallic frame, this amazing item will surely facilitate you to manage in making the most of your children's home decor room. A horse shape toy represents a very common item in a kid room, so a transparent rocking horse dedicated to the stunning world of kids which give spirit to transparent material, will be loved by your children. It is available in three colours and will nicely complete the junior home decor.
A pair of curly short wool cushions from soft and resilient wool fibres, will add style and luxury and for sure your kid will feel very nice having them decorating the bed or sofa with the very soft touch. These are excellent as the look is both traditional and contemporary and can be perfect for boys with star designed or for girls with the so loved heart shape printed. Another extremely comfortable piece which will be very appreciated by children is the Bean Bag, a great choice for a cosy place in your kid’s room.

Managing to make the most of your children room can be easier if you choose to inspire from the best special junior home decor designed variety. Like that, you will be sure that the quality is in place, approaching at the same time colourful full of joy pieces that will stylishly embrace your kid’s room.


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