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Lightings - tips and hints

27 Nov. 2020
Choosing the right lighting fixtures is extremely important to create a friendly and functional space, whether we are talking about an office space, a modern restaurant, a large shopping center or a chic cafe.

The way we feel when we enter a room is largely due to the way it is lit - what lighting fixtures are in the room and how they are arranged. Lighting solutions can help increase productivity or make visitors feel comfortable, relaxed in a certain environment.

All these solutions can come with a touch of style in the space in which they are placed, emphasizing the desired atmosphere.

How to choose lighting fixtures in a room: some criteria

Let's see what are the trends in the choice of lighting in recent years, as well as what are the solutions proposed by designers.

We have gathered some criteria that you can take into account in the choices of lighting fixtures of restaurants, hotels, cafes, but also offices and other spaces. We have added a series of lighting solutions belonging to well-known brands, which will add an elevated aspect to any arrangement.

It is important to find the perfect combination of lights

If we talk about lighting solutions, we have several distinct types, which we will combine to achieve the expected effect:

  • ambient light solutions (the main light source in a room with the same intensity). Chandeliers, ceiling lights, pendants or various other suspended bodies are used as ambient lighting solutions. They are usually mounted in the center of the room to evenly scatter the light;
  • work lighting, intended for certain areas of the room, such as the office area in office spaces, the cooking area if we are talking about a kitchen, etc. The light intensity will be stronger in the areas we want to highlight. Here we need efficient solutions that highlight the respective surfaces, helping those who work here;
  • accent solutions, which emphasize a certain decor, for example. Spotlights are often used for this type of solution, but also various wall lamps

Part of the design of a room will be given by chosen lighting solutions, both depending on the type of space and how each area is to be used. Each room will have a combination of two or even three types of lighting solutions. In this way we will create a contrast between various areas, having both spaces with a warm, subtle light and lighted areas, on which we will focus.

Choose lighting solutions suitable for the design of the room

The size of the lightings will also be adapted to that of the room in which they are installed. The right lighting solution will make us feel good, in a friendly environment where we want to return. Or it will help us focus and be more productive if we talk about lighting in office spaces, for example. Regardless of the type of solution chosen, it will fit the design of the room in which it is installed.

An architect or an interior designer will know best how to do this - and the BrandsFurniture team always includes specialists for the various projects we deal with. But there are some general rules that are good to keep in mind in an arrangement, no matter who signs it.

Lighting solutions will have dimensions adapted to the existing design. A chandelier will hardly find its place in a small cafe, for example.

When choosing lighting options for a lobby, it is important to choose bodies that will create a welcoming, elegant atmosphere - in line with what we want. Visitors form a first impression in this area, so we will pay close attention to it.

The stairs will also have a special treatment - here we will also think about the safety of visitors. Even if we are talking about a prestigious hotel, for which we will choose a warm, diffused light, the stairwell area will be sufficiently lit, so that those who use them are always safe.

What is our budget?

The budget of the chosen lighting solutions varies depending on the options we opt for. From purely functional models to pieces signed by well-known designers, we can choose the most suitable variants for our objectives.

Design pieces from well-known brands will certainly be more expensive, but we will invest in a small work of art, which will certainly be appreciated by connoisseurs. A statement piece will be a subtle clue to the special space you are visiting.

But how do we integrate into a budget, while proposing pieces signed by well-known designers? The BrandsFurniture team has always found solutions to optimize the cost of our clients' projects. Experience speaks for itself in this case.

We work with internationally recognized brands, but also with small local manufacturers, just to be able to propose the most suitable lighting solutions for any type of arrangement.

Types of lighting solutions
1. Pendants

Our choice: the Drops pendulum, from Globen Lightning. Perfect to complete the design of an elegant space, the Drops pendulum has a brass arm and 15 glass lampshades. The cable is made of a transparent material, and the transformer can be incorporated into the false ceiling, giving it a modern, spectacular look.

Other pendants that will surely find their place in a special arrangement are the Bowl and Art Deco lamps from Globen, Mod or Mediterrania from Bover, Atom smoke or DC from Halo Design - and many more.

2. Wall lamps
BrandsFurniture idea: combines functionality and elegance with the Astoria black lamp from Globen, with a classic Scandinavian design, signed by Anna Landerholm. The lamp integrates both the lighting solution and three mini-shelves on which plants or other small decorative objects can be placed. The lamp will fit very well in a restaurant or in the lobby of a hotel, but also in an office space, in the relaxation area. Some wall lamps that you could choose for a remarkable interior design are Omega Brass and Balloon Pink from Globen, Fling from Bsweden or Beddy, belonging to the Bover brand.

3. Floor lamps
Floor lamps can turn an ordinary corner into a chic space, coming with an extra touch of elegance and personality. Use floor lamps next to a sofa, near armchairs or even on desks and you will enjoy not only a lighting solution, but also a piece of furniture that will contribute to the design of the entire space.

BrandsFurniture recommends the Kartell Kabuki floor lamp, which bears the signature of the designer Ferruccio Laviani, with a sophisticated and very elegant air, has a woven structure, similar to that of lace and is available in both an indoor and an outdoor version.

Other special floor lamp models, belonging to well-known brands and which would surely find their place in a popular arrangement, are Swea from Globen, DC 2 arms from Halo Design or the Egg floor lamp from Bsweden.

4. Desk lamps
A functional and aesthetic element that completes the interior design of a room, desk lamps will find their place in many special arrangements. Productivity certainly increases when the workspace is properly lit - desk lamps are also an important aesthetic element, bringing a personal touch to the area in which they are installed.

BrandsFurniture idea: choose a desk lamp from a well-known brand in the lighting industry, such as Bover, Bsweden or Kartell. 

5. Table lamps
When it comes to interior decorations, small details can make the difference. A well-chosen table lamp can be the detail you need to bring a special vibe to a room, transforming the space into a cheerful, friendly, familiar or very comfortable one, depending on the desired look.

Some inspired choices are Dolly lamps from Bsweden, Battery or Bourgie belonging to the Kartell brand.

6. Outdoor lamps
From sconces to lanterns and solar lamps to outdoor ceiling lights or garden lamps, outdoor lighting solutions have a special decorative look. They are suitable for terraces, various public spaces, areas where events are organized and can emit a warm, clear or diffused light, according to preferences.

Outdoor lamps must have both a special look and a higher resistance, so that visitors are always safe.

BrandsFurniture idea: For an elegant decor and extra flexibility, choose the Tanit lamp from Bover, a mobile, rechargeable lamp, perfect for the terrace of a hotel or restaurant. Or the Cornet lamp, belonging to the same brand, a lamp inspired by nature, reinterpreting it in a contemporary spirit.

Other inspired choices are Drum and Light-up from Cane-Line.

7. Acoustic lamps
Acoustic lighting appeared as a response to the need for peace in open office spaces, where several people work.

It is a solution to improve both productivity and the comfort of employees. However, acoustic lamps are also suitable for lighting malls, airports, railway stations, libraries and other institutions.

Acoustic lighting solutions are used both for their practical side - noise reduction, especially in crowded spaces - but also to add to the design of a space. The solutions found by well-known brands are original and appreciated both for their appearance and for their efficiency.

BrandsFurniture recommendation: Leaf Lamp from Green Furniture Concept, made entirely of natural materials with noise absorption qualities, but also fireproof. The lamp has a nature-inspired design and is perfect as an ambient lighting solution for large spaces.

Another modern lamp, especially suitable for commercial spaces, is the Radial lamp from DeVorm. With a design inspired by childhood 3D puzzles, the lamp has components cut from a PET felt board and joined, the material used inside being very effective in attenuating the sound.

Choosing the right lighting solutions, seemingly unimportant, can make a difference in many ways. By choosing the right type of lighting for a cafe or restaurant, for example, we can attract customers, making them feel good and spend more time with us, while they will enjoy both the atmosphere and the food. 

Choosing lighting fixtures for a hotel

In the case of a hotel, lighting will contribute to that general atmosphere that makes us want to come back or recommend it to friends… And if we talk about office space, the right choice of light can translate into more productive employees who feel good at work.

These will add to the design of the room, being the final note that will accentuate or leave certain faded areas. Lighting solutions can be, in addition, small works of art that will contribute to the appearance of the entire room, and connoisseurs will know when they are in front of an original bearing the signature of a designer of a well-known brand.

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