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Louis de Poortere rugs – why do we love them?

2 Apr. 2021
Since flooring is the biggest surface in a room, we think choosing its covering deserves special care and attention, just like Louis de Poortere brand puts into their carpets: the Belgian manufacturer with a history of over a century manages to surprise its customers with ravishing, unique collections.

Home has a different meaning for all of us. Whether it’s a modern apartment in a skyscraper, or a cosy house in a small mountain village, its design and the way it’s arranged truly influences our lives and our mood. The same principle applies to the space we work in (whether it’s our home office or not), which directly impacts our productivity and motivation. 

Louis De Poortere is one of the most prestigious rug manufacturers in the world, being a real visionary in his field. Nowadays people are looking for elegance, beauty, but also comfort in their homes, which is exactly what Louis de Poortere designers and technicians have created: collections that are both contemporary and convenient, meant to bring joy in every home.

His simple philosophy, aiming to be more than just a carpet manufacturer, reflects accordingly in his innovative, diverse techniques and products. Through his carefully hand crafted creations, Louis de Poortere adds a special glow to any flooring.

His rugs are woven with a natural anti-slip backing, being appreciated for the special aesthetics and comfort given to any space. They address anyone who wants to add a sophisticated touch to an interior space – whether it’s a living room, a bedroom or an elegant office. 

In our shop you will find Louis De Poortere rugs made from high-quality materials, like natural cotton fibers and wool, alongside a special attention to every detail of the design, suitable for decorating any room in a contemporary way. All of these Belgian rugs have a charming design, combining style and luxury with functionality. 

This is one of the reasons why we love Louis de Poortere and also one of the aspects that differentiates the brand in the market: astonishing designs blend flawlessly with functionality, making the rugs a fitted piece for any interior space. 

In general, rugs are not just a simple element of interior design: covering a floor with a rug is indeed an act of adding personality to any room. In fact, let’s take a deeper look at the most important roles that a rug has:

  • completing the design of an entire room: if the room is decorated in a certain style, adding a playful rug can change the outlook completely;
  • changing the atmosphere in any space: it can reduce the noise in the room by muffling the echoes;

  • connecting the spaces: a well-chosen rug can create connections between rooms from a visual point of view, if they are unequally divided;

  • adding coziness to any space that might appear to be stiff, impersonal. 

If we were to describe a few collections by Louis de Poortere, we would refer to rugs that combine both bold and radiant tones, offering an outstanding style for any room. His collections are inspired by meaningful elements, such as traditional motifs and unique symbols. The brand represents a subtle mix of Eastern influences with a Western twist, blending nature, culture, history, architecture and many other components perfectly.

Some examples of Louis de Poortere collections are: 

  • Mad Man Collection is, indeed, one of the most impressive collections, named after Madison Avenue and Mad Men, illustrating the opulence of the old American advertising industry. Being a mix of straight and broken lines, of dull and shining yarns, of smooth and ragged pencil strokes, the Mad Man rugs will add personality to any room or office;

  • Antiquarian Collection, inspired by traditional Moroccan nomad patterns, highlighted by the use of special yarns using advanced space dyed effects. Using playful nuances and a slightly twisted cream adds a beautiful contrast;

  • Sari Collection, that features an irregular, horizontal striped design inspired by traditional Indian silk sari rugs. These rugs combine some vibrant and neutral tones that provide an unexpected note to it;

  • Waves Collection, inspired by the perfect match between land and oceans or seas when they collide, with natural patterns such as waves, long stretched lines or curves;

  • Palazzo Collection, named after a Venetian palace, fitting perfectly in a royal, spacious room. The details of the design, the texture, the fashionable flatwave construction are the result of over a century of  skill and craftsmanship woven in every single rug;

  • Christian Fischbacher Collection: the Swiss family-run business based in St. Gallenis is known worldwide for designing luxurious and high-quality textiles for over 200 years. The unique patterns they created are the perfectly fitting piece the Louis de Poortere puzzle was missing.

All of the Louis de Poortere rugs come in many size options and in different colour tones, ready to be a real statement in every interior.

Now that you have entered the universe of the Louis de Poortere brand, we encourage you to discover more about the unique Belgian manufacturer on BrandsFurniture, the place where the latest trends in interior design meet the highest quality standards.

BrandsFurniture is not just an online store, it’s the place where you will find original products and carefully selected ideas, benefiting from a unique experience when it comes to decorating your home or the project you are working on.  

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