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The best of the year 2022

16 Dec. 2022
The best of the year 2022
One of the most prestigious brands for design products in 2022 is Kartell. This year, the designers that have created impressive design pieces have won several prizes. In our article, we will show you the top 10 brands for design products of the year.

One of the most prestigious brands for design products in 2022 is Kartell. This year, the designers that have created impressive design pieces have won several prizes. In our article, we will show you the top 10 brands for design products of the year.

With so many branding trends, including minimalism, gradients, illustrations, and patterns, combining modern with classics, we have many design products and brands to look out to. From gadgets to interior design and to outdoor masterpieces, great creative minds have come up with amazing items that satisfy any need. 

Goodnight Lamp awarded by Wallpaper

Philippe Starck is a widely known designer that has crafted his first lamp for Kartell in various materials and colors. This year, he won a Wallpaper Design Award 2022 with the Goodnight lamp

Inspired by a candle that symbolizes many things for people such as marking birth, resurrection, sacredness, or death, the Goodnight Lamp's purpose is to lit and sparkle brightness when night comes in. Similar to the candle, when animation appears when it meets the flame, the lamp brings a plus of vivid moments to anyone’s life.  
The Goodnight lamp can add a romantic touch to any date or private party, and is a great fit for any home or restaurant. It is impressive and performant in terms of duration and light intensity. 

Claudio Luti and his personality prize

Another prestigious prize was won by Claudio Luti, which is the President of Kartell. He was rewarded in 2022 by the Red Dot Design Award entity with the Personality Prize in design. Since Kartell launches creative, innovative, and sustainable projects it has become a leader and the international place for global design meetings. You can discover the Red Dot winners’ page here.

That’s why the Italian Claudio Luti is one of the modern industrial design production pioneers that drove Milan into a widely-known furniture metropolis. This prize is to praise his good work and entrepreneurial accomplishments.

You can see all of Kartell's design products in our shop. Browse through lighting, furniture, acoustic, decorations, and many more items.

Top 10 design products of the year

To tell you more about the innovation and continuous technology within the design industry for homes and offices, we have gathered the best design products of 2022 in our top. All the pieces can decorate any space and bring the comfort we need after a period of struggle and uncertainty. 

1.ThinkCentre M90a Pro AIO All-in-onePC 

This is more than just a monitor. It is pure innovation and offers a plus of quality and comfort, due to its ergonomic stand. With a focus on flexibility, the Lenovo monitor is a piece of art that can be placed upon a modern, curved desk by Kartell. Explore the entire office assemblance in our collection.

2.Siri Remote

Slim, made up from recycled aluminium, especially for the Apple TV. It is a great addition to the technology mogul, as it is a minimalist and impressive small item, that surely enables you to guide your system and find the desired TV program. You can use it for your home or even private office, as it can be a piece of art, due to its aesthetics.


It is a portable speaker, with a unique visual aesthetic that makes a lovely new home gift. From your office to your chilling space or bedroom, this sleek speaker is an interactive object that has inspiration from Japanese culture and the art of repairing broken pottery.  

4.CW&T product design

Built by Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy, the CW&T brand design company builds interactive human-centered software. According to Cooper Hewtit, their “projects range from devices that alter the perception of time, an electronics curriculum for artists, an astrological compass for space travelers, to objects engineered to last multiple generations.” 

5.Nader Tehrani NADAAA

NADAAA is an architectural and urban design company founded by Nader Tehrani. This year, the brand achieved a national design award for innovative design and numbers high clients, including The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Historic New England, Harvard University, Northeastern University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rhode Island School of Design, and many more.

6.Air purifier by Haier Group

An air purifier is a choice many people make, in order to have a fresh atmosphere. Moreover, with unconventional designs, air purifiers become a visually appealing addition to any room. The Haier Group combined modernism with utility to deliver a great product, that in the end won an award for best designs in 2022. 

7.Mass Pressure Armchair by Horm Italia

Another iconic yet unconventional design product is the Mass Pressure Armchair, designed by the Horm Italia company using the compression technique. It is a fully functional piece of art that brings into attention the pressure upon nature.
If you want to see more chair winners, you can easily browse them within the A’Design Award & Competition. 

8.Zoover Pendant Light by Delta Light 

Delta Light sculpted Zoover, a luxurious pendant light that overcomes luminosity, sound-absorbing capabilities and brings a one-of-a-kind, welcoming feeling in an interior space.
If you’re looking for more ceiling lamps examples, you can navigate through our design products gallery.

9.YiBrick, permeable brick

The interiors have multiple design product alternatives. However, great designers are more and more interested in creating sustainable yet high-quality items. YiBrick is a brick composed of recycled ceramic, designed by the Yi Design Company Limited to fight against the non-degradable ceramic waste in interior/exterior architectural & construction industries.

10.CHA, sustainable composite material

Achyut Ashok Shanbhag from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati is the proud owner of CHA, a futuristic, sustainable and biodegradable material. This project won the design talent award by IF Design. Built with dried tea leaves and natural binders and under the recommended temperature, the composite becomes a biodegradable plastic, eco-friendly, that will never pollute.

Most popular design awards websites

Here is the list of the most popular design awards, that best recognize original designs across the globe.
  • A’Design Award & Competition
  • International Design Excellence Awards 
  • Good Design Awards
  • If Design
  • James Dyson Award
  • BraunPrize 
  • Adi associazione per il disegno industriale
  • European Product Design Award
  • Cooper Hewitt National Design Awards
  • Jane Drew Prize
  •  Årets Möbel Award – Furniture of the Year, Sweden

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