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Top 3 Exclusive Luxury Furniture Brands

17 May. 2022
High-end furniture is an investment and as choosing the perfect pieces for your luxury interior can be challenging, with the purpose of bringing inspiration, we provide below a list of top 3 Exclusive Luxury Furniture Brands.

Nowadays, the demand for luxury furniture brands is very high, more and more people wish to have the best pieces for their spaces and obtaining the luxury elegant look and the exclusivity this type of design can offer. Therefore, this market is in a continuous dynamic, evolving from one season to another and it has an exponential growth. When it comes to this world characterized by exclusivism and an out of scale offer-demand, the brands aim for the most creative designs, for high-quality materials and products.

The reason these luxury furniture brands are so desired by everyone is that people enjoy real experiences having them around.

1. Kartell – creativity and innovative materials

Kartell, one of the leading Italian luxury furniture brands, is a defining manufacturer of innovation, masterfully expressed through the furniture and lighting pieces that bear its emblem.

Luxury brands - Kartell Having more than 70 year of history, Kartell is a synonym for creativity, being founded by Giulio Carrelli and Ana Castelli Ferrieri in 1949, in Milan. They managed to bring revolutionary changes into the world of home furniture by introducing plastic as the main material for the products. The year 1999 marked a turning key point for Kartell, as it became the first company in the world that started to use polycarbonate to produce furniture. An example here is the iconic piece that transcends time and generation, an entirely transparent chair named Louis Ghost.

Kartell is well known for pushing the limits of contemporary design and transforming plastic into a sophisticated, noble material. Nowadays, this brand is one of the most appreciated companies, a leader in its segment, belonging at the world of luxury furniture brands, all this success being earned through the continuous technological research and the care for design and style. 

Luxury brands - Kartell
Exclusivity determines Kartell to stand out from the crowd compared to other brands, so its main investments are made in several lines of color and materials, having a wide variety of designs for products such as lighting designs, upholstery and case goods. The Kartell range includes iconic pieces such as chairs, couches, lamps, tables, accessories, signed by celebrated names of renowned designers and architects such as Philippe Starck, Ferruccio Laviani, Piero Lissoni or Patricia Urquiola.

Kartell collections can be found all over the world and there are no limitations just to home furniture, these can also add the perfect look to public spaces like hotels, restaurants or offices. The sophisticated design of the items produced, obtained by putting together a delicate look along with high quality and durability, transform Kartell brand objects into real pieces of art. 

2. Pedrali - beauty, tradition and innovation 

From a small workshop founded in 1963 by Mario Pedrali in the town of Palazzolo Sull'Oglio, in the province of Brescia to one of the most influential ambassadors of Made in Italy exclusive luxury furniture brands of 2022 – that's how we could summarize in a few words the trajectory of the Pedrail brand.

Luxury brands - Pedrali
The first creations were outdoor wrought iron seats, but today the company produces contemporary design furniture for contract and residential, blending creativity, innovation and tradition in order to provide extremely functional products. So, it manages to design and manufacture innovative furniture for offices, public spaces or homes, from chairs to tables, sofas, lamps, barstools, tops, complements and all kinds of accessories. The Italian brand is furnishing public spaces all over the world, such as companies headquarters, restaurants, hotels, shops, libraries and much more: The Google Campus, the Microsoft House in Milan, Alain Ducasse restaurants, the shop Van Cleef & Arpels in New York.

By using high-quality raw materials, Pedrali promotes the re-use of waste, one of its main values being the sustainable design. For instance, in 2020 Pedrali launched the first products made entirely from recycled material: 50% from plastic material post-consumer waste and 50% from plastic material industrial waste.

The collaboration with prestigious designers over time brought Pedrali important awards such as The Compasso d'Oro ADI for Frida chair. The brand can count as many as 300 collaborators, the furniture pieces being present in more than 100 countries all over the world.  

Luxury brands - Pedrali

3. Kristalia - functionality, and handicraft expertise

The beginning of Kristalia, one of the exclusive luxury furniture brands today, is dating from the year 1994, when on the north—east coast of Italy, a group of young jazz lovers entrepreneurs decided to give a new rhythm to the interior design sector, after gaining handicraft expertise through their successful previous projects.

Kristalia manage to create unconventional pieces of furniture having unique designs, all products being manufactured with great care and a special attention to every detail. The values behind are sustainability and transparency, so by using the latest technologies, a lot of Kristalia’s furnishing elements are made by renewable or recyclable materials, the indoor and outdoor pieces being designed to last over time, made to be resistant to even extreme physical and environmental action.

The expansion of the company was huge due to the fact that at the outset of the 21st century the company made the history of extending tables and in the second decade of the century it became one of the design firms that particularly attracted designers, so it also succeeded to have contracts in the hospitality supplies world.

Luxury brands - Kristalia
The meaning of the brand is to establish a sound and lasting relationship with a family of designers and artisans, opening up to new talents capable of communicating with an accurate, clean-cut and visionary language and with a very strong bent for innovation. Being part of exclusive luxury furniture brands, Kristalia’s story always starts with jazz notes as a design piece plays a different kind of music. 

Luxury furniture brands are based on international designers who believe in passionate craftsmanship and technology and are defined by uniqueness, innovation and timeless pieces. These types of iconic interior design products pass down through generations, telling their story because they are distinguished by enduring beauty and exceptional quality. So, we hope to get you inspired by our proposal and to make the best choices in what concern luxury furniture brands for your future acquisition.

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