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Top 7 Interior Design Styles You Need to Know

1 Aug. 2022
Anyone’s dream is to have their own house and decorate it. However, if you do not have an eye for interior design styles, you might not mix and match colors, textures, and forms in a warm, welcoming way. There’s a lot of inspiration, and we’re here to show you only the best designs you need to know. Choose your favorite interior design style and start your online shopping journey.

The trend in 2022 is to follow natural, warm shades, and organic, sustainable materials and fabrics. The yearly inspiration is mostly driven by society challenges. For example, in pandemics, there was an urgent need for eco-friendly solutions and individually packaging for everything, and high delivery demand for eCommerce websites of all types. People were urged to find pieces of furniture to create home offices or reconsidered their whole places. 
Environments where people spend their time should always be friendly and comfortable spaces, decorated with style, warmth and familiar objects. The most preferred colors are soft grays, different tones of blues, and warm greens or browns.

1.Curved furniture

What can you do with arcades, soft lines, arcs, and curves? Of course, interesting pieces of furniture with curved shapes that remind us of highly-engaged art and sculptures. For comfortable interior design styles we recommend Circuit, a light coffee table with fluid and soft curves. It is designed by the Pedrali brand with elegant black marble and steel. 
It can be easily accompanied by Joe Cocoon lounge chairs, inspired by Lloyd loom fabrics, but with a modern look and feel. To highlight the coffee table area, you can also add a few black oak DC Pendants designed by  Michael Waltersdorff for the Halo Design furniture brand. 

2.Minimalist or Maximalist Interior Design Styles

While some people still prefer Scandinavian or Ikea driven-style for classic tastes, others add layers over layers and combine textures in their homes and offices. 
Less is the new more. You can pay attention to details by embracing luxurious accessories in your spaces such as flowered carpets or curtains, textured lamps, and plenty of different chair shapes.

3.Sustainable Interior Design Approaches

One of the most frequent alternatives for interior design style is to repurpose old furniture or accessories by using eco-friendly, recycled materials. Or, build entirely sustainable pieces.
For example, this Componibili adorable, modular piece, designed for the Kartell brand is created from recycled thermoplastic technopolymer from industrial scrap.
Componibili furniture is robust yet versatile and can be your deposing item. You can either place it in your private, quiet room or in the office and give your space a one-of-a-kind design style.

4.Traditional design inspiration

With an eye for antiquities and things that remind us of childhood, there’s a high demand for traditional-looking furniture these days.
Ornamental mirrors, chairs with carved velvet, manufactured drawers, fringe sofas - everything has a rich history. Also, designers have new artistic approaches to recreating something old, traditional into something modern.

5.Warm, neutral hues for a powerful nest

Even if there’s also a trend of dark kitchens with outstanding bar stools, marbles between furniture and countertops, or mirror glass on drawers - warm and neutral hues combine luxury aesthetics with coziness and comfortability. 
“Neutrals can be used in decor in two basic ways—either as a soft, neutral only, quiet look, or as background colors for dramatic accents,” notes The Spruce. Natural shades and their undertunes such as creams, beiges, camel, nudes, refreshing whites or grays can be combined with vivid colors for a powerful, good vibe.
For example, the modular Alton couch designed for Ditre Italia by architects Oscar and Gabriele Buratti uses warm tones and soft fabrics. Combined with a flatweave rug, manually painted and fuzzy pillows, this sofa can bring joy and happiness into any interior design.


Simple as it sounds. Plush is a fabric texture if you want that by default is a comfortable material. You can have it on your chairs, couches, carpets, or, why not, on your walls. You can always go the extra mile when decorating. 

7.Swivel Chairs

Havana chair, Moai Swivel Chair, or the Clip Swivel Armchair  can represent a great asset into any environment. There are soft lines involved in the swivel interior design style that adds a sculptural visual appeal.
Swivel chairs are comfortable and can be peaceful and contemplating resources. The Moai chair is inspired by massive sculptures, while Havana is a Danish product, mostly used in offices as a managerial chair. Keep ideas spinning with the versatile swivel furniture!

Less is the new more

There are still influences of Bohemian furniture, art deco, mid-century inspiration, while the attention to details needs to be felt into any interior design style. The idea of building a proper nest in any environment, a warm place where you can be able to create and find your inner inspiration is the actual trend in 2022. By combining neutral colors with dark or vivid shades, you can minimize or maximize your place. 


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