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Outdoor Lighting Buying Guide: What to keep in mind when preparing your outdoor ambient

29 Aug. 2022
Outdoor Lighting Buying Guide: What to keep in mind when preparing your outdoor ambient
Outdoor lighting is a quick way to build unique spaces through visual items. Are you trying to redecorate or design your happy place outside your home or public place? We’ve prepared an outdoor lighting buying guide that will serve as your own personal design assistant and shopping adviser. With these outdoor lamp models, you’ll build the ambiance you’ve always dreamed of for your own garden, patio, pool, in both public or private places.

Outdoor lighting is the main atmosphere creator

When it is dark outside, it is important to see where you’re walking or staying. This means that you should have strong lights. On the other hand, if you opt for one-of-a-kind lighting objects, you can bring a designer touch right in your yard. Unique objects create a perfect scene for day and night too. You can take a business tea or stay comfortable and read on your Kindle, or, you can watch a projected movie near the pool while having the right outdoor lighting items that allow you to build the moments. 
We have listed outdoor lighting objects designed by talented designers for the Kartell, Globen, and Bover companies. 

Amphora will complete a bohemian styled-interior and outdoor perspective

Amphora is a floor lamp, weatherproof and can be bought in beige or brown shades. It can bring an airy and comfortable touch to any private residence or public space.
Similar to a Greek terracotta amphora that is used to store food, this lighting product is a decorative item and can be used as an important asset in any outdoor place, as it’s been treated with protection against corrosion and UV radiation.

Elipse lamps are ideal for high terrace ceiling 

Lamps are a great way to diffuse light in a specific environment. One is made from metal, while the other is built from aluminum. 
To bring that magic feeling, these simple, yet elegant and unique Elipse lamps can complete any environment and in a green textured scene, the white items enlighten the hotel or private garden by distributing the ambient light everywhere.

Sandhamn item by Globen as your patio lighting guide

The beautiful Sandham items remind us of fairy tales, as they can be used as path lighting guidance in any patio or garden, whether private or public. This product can endure sand grains and it is made from a splash-resistant material, with an elegant ribbed pattern.
It is inspired by nature and comes in various sizes, and can be easily matched in any outdoor environment.

Koster can be an outdoor lamp and table, as well

With a conic form, Koster 60 is a floor lamp, designed by Malin Lundmark for the Globen Lighting company. You can use this lamp to hold several objects, such as flowers, your morning coffee, books, or art. The top of the lamp can resist up to 85 kg.
Due to the metallic bars, Koster will spread vertical shadows that sparkle the minimalist lighting, perfect for an outdoor ambient.


Kartel Space Outdoor to settle your own skyline

Inspired by the Seattle Space tower, the Kartel Space Outdoor lamp brings a futuristic spirit into an iconic silhouette lighting item. It is designed by Adam Tihany for the Kartell company so you can settle a skyline landscape in your own private outdoor residence.

Kartell Kabuki Outdoor for glamorous places

The Kabuki Outdoor lamp, designed by Kartell is a piece of art, created by Ferruccio Laviani from thermoplastic technopolymer, especially to be used as a floor lighting item. Similar to perforated lace, this lamp can be well suited for hotel outdoor spaces or exquisite restaurants. It comes in several colours, such as black, white, and personalised, if you make the order now.

How to use outdoor lighting for a great ambient

There are several types of outdoor lighting. You can use different styles - if you want to follow the 2022’s design trends, you can choose items that match your interior business or house architecture. 
For amazing setups, you can place outdoor wall lighting, ceiling lights, lanterns, lamps, post lights, string lights, and others. Items created by architects and worldwide designers will look stylish and will make any outdoor lighting path, deck, patio, garden, hardscape, or even, stair lighting. With any of the presented lighting items, you can switch a regular place into a luxurious one, and transform any place into a work of art.


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