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Exclusive Interview with the CUF Milano Team: Sustainable Furniture for Smart Offices

27 Jun. 2022
Exclusive Interview with the CUF Milano Team: Sustainable Furniture for Smart Offices
As part of our continuous business strategy, on 16th June we opened a new showroom in Cluj Napoca, Romania to bring novelty and luxurious brands to the local furniture market. The furniture industry is constantly evolving, embracing new styles, colors, and modern consumer approaches. Clients, architects, or interior designers can get their source of inspiration from these unique pieces of art in our new Romanian showroom.

One of the brands that just joined us is CUF Milano, a company of Centrufficio S.p.A with an amazing story, that creates everything with passion and a wide vision since 1986. Roberto Motti started this company in a back-shop in Milan, Italy. Today, the brand is well-known in Italy, numbering 22 showrooms in Italy and an impressive workforce. From a retailer of office furniture and seating, nowadays CUF Milano combines art with mastery of classic crafts and modern pieces to build and design outstanding office products.
We wanted to tell you more about the CUF Milano business, and they’ve agreed to provide a few insights on their amazing work in an interview.
For promotional purposes, such as newsletters/ teasers for young or expert architects, we would like to ask you to respond to the questions below : 

1. Tell us how did your story begin and what are your signature design philosophies?

We were born in 1986 in Milan, as a small company specializing in office furniture. Our philosophy was always related to “designcracy,” which means to design modern, top-quality
and innovative turnkey offices, bespoke products, and acoustic projects at affordable prices, with reduced impact towards nature and the ecosystems. We also believe in an ergonomic work environment, and we invest in providing each employee its own tailored working place, based on specific needs. 

2. How does your brand stand out in terms of values and uniqueness?

Our brand was started as a family business and it is unique because it still follows the same core. We value our staff and guarantee prompt product deliveries, while design and production processes are made only in Italy. 
We are indeed pursuing sustainability, working on using new materials made from recycling processes in terms of furniture and acoustic panels.

3. Could you please talk about the inspiration behind some of your collections?

The office work environment is becoming more and more versatile.‎ It is no longer just a place to work but also to meet and chat,  eat and drink, rest and relax, or have many other activities.‎ FUSION is a smart-office system that makes architecture functional and also helps people keep a healthy lifestyle at work.‎ 
FUSION is constructed based on a kind of three-dimensional framework.‎ Every detail is carefully designed around people’s behaviors and activities in their office space.‎ There are storage spaces designated for personal usage and workplace belongings to articulate and get better management of space.‎
A variety of configurations creates different atmospheres and landscapes, that are not only for individual and collaborative working but also for impromptu meetings or short breaks. Everything happens in a more relaxed and home-like environment, in a less institutionalized context.‎
FUSION is an office system that responds to the new working scenario, such as co-sharing or co-working spaces.‎ Any workplace should be comfortable, similar to a social network but with real people, in real life.

4. Why do you value your partnership with Dacca and BrandsFurniture?

Partnerships are important for evolution. We believe in working closely with people that have the same synergy and passion to craft unique products that make clients happy. We value Dacca and BrandsFurniture concepts and we are ready to go the extra mile and provide the best services outside Italy, too.

5. How do you see the future of the Furniture industry?

The furniture industry is challenging. It is a growing and sophisticated market that always focuses on creating practical items, with distinguished details, at the same time. 
The future lies in the smallest, hidden, and well-crafted differences that make a piece unique. The furniture industry is a stable market that can adapt to socioeconomic phases.

6. How important is sustainability for your brand and what is your approach on the subject?

For us, sustainability is a very important aspect and we see it as a way of living. Our items must keep us safe and healthy, in eco-friendly home & work environments.
We are limiting any possible harmful effects on the environment as much as we can. We are working towards making all our items part of the circular economy. We use eco-friendly machineries, energy resources, and transports.

7. If you have to choose one product as a centerpiece for a showroom or store, which product would it be?

FUSION is a one-of-a-kind office system, designed as a low-tech product solution for any workplace. Any office could easily be transformed into a smart office, that combines a behavioral approach with a lifestyle and comfortable environment, due to the multiple configurations available. 
In this type of office, you can have sofas, low tables, and more hub-feeling areas. We have a product created from sustainable materials, that maintains the social aspects and a joyful design approach, which we are very proud of - the Fusion Green - an award-winning item.
CUF Milano has an extraordinary story about its products and people. With these exquisite products, any office will become a comfortable smart business that balances the private and social lives of any employee. The CUF Milano brand is a luxurious interior design and unique furniture provider.
With such an art piece, every home or office provides a positive vibrance and elegance. Here at BrandsFurniture we only import furniture from companies with a strong international reputation.


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