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10 Dec. 2020
We are pleased to welcome you to our outstanding world!

It is very possible that we have met before. Due to our 14 years’ experience earned in countless interior design projects, you might have seen our work in some of our projects, whether it was an office, a space for living, a store, a medical clinic or other type of space where comfort, functionality and aesthetics blend perfectly.

This time, we have created for you an exquisite universe of the latest trends in interior design, a special place, BrandsFurniture, where you can find top authentic brands from Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Finland, Portugal and Romania, whether you are a professional in this field or just looking to decorate the perfect corner in your home, that you have dreamed for so long.

Access to a whole concept, not just to a product range

Through BrandsFurniture, we offer you original products and carefully selected ideas, at the same time providing a full and unique experience when it comes to decorating your home or the project you are working on. We inspire  you with impressive moodboards containing fitted pieces of furniture, flooring, acoustic, lighting, decorations and other elements of interior design, which complement each other perfectly.

The entire process of deciding what to offer you is based on the vast experience of our team carrying out complete renovation projects: from design, to choosing the furniture, the decorative elements and accessories, including particular solutions (lighting, acoustics, special floors) and also the implementation, execution and maintenance.

As our customer, you will have access to a relevant part of our experience that will help you transform an ordinary space into an ideal one for your needs and wishes. We strongly believe that, with our products and guidance, you can complete your interior design project and will be able to create complex, customized concepts, addressed in a homogeneous, holistic way which will make you feel proud.

The idea behind BrandsFurniture

The core of this project is based on the experience that we earned within Dacca Group Trade, a top company specialized in interior design for public spaces, having projects all over Romania. Dacca was founded in 2008 and managed to bring and highlight on the Romanian market brands that focused on premium quality, aligning with the latest trends in European and international design.

We started with professional and innovative flooring coverings and, over the years, our products portfolio was expanded with furniture, acoustic solutions, wall decorations and more. Our customers have chosen us for these competitive advantages, but also for the fact that we ensured the implementation and execution of our concepts, at the same exceptional level of quality.

In 2016, we continued to grow by creating Zone Deco Interiors, a company specialised in interior design projects for residential spaces. This was an additional opportunity for us to prove our ability to create customized projects, collaborating with many architects and designers.

During all this time, we have strengthened our relationships with partner brands from Europe, especially from Scandinavia and Italy, which we have meticulously selected taking into consideration design, ergonomics, efficiency as well as durability.

So in 2020, it became natural for Dacca Group Trade and Zone Deco Interior to join forces in order to launch a new online project, named BrandsFurniture, that aims to offer you a special journey in the world of interior design.

Highlighting a few of the elements that makes us special, we can refer to:

  • Access to a complete portfolio of top brand products, carefully selected by our professional team (original, authentic products from internationally well-known brands, but also quality local products). We constantly focus on quality and functionality while making sure we offer you the best deal on the market.
  • We address both professionals and those who create interior design projects for themselves, out of the desire to redecorate or refresh a certain space;
  • The products are easy to identify, you can estimate accordingly the allocated budget, the necessary materials and aesthetic possibilities from the project phase;
  • One of our prominent advantage is represented by the moodboards that we have created for you. Find them in Inspiration, where you have quick access to interesting and inspiring design concepts, for any space you need;
  • We offer you the possibility to use filters according to various criteria, in order to reach the desired selection in the shortest time;
  • A simple and fast way to access information in order to make easy and secure purchases from any type of device.


Why choose us?

BrandsFurniture is not just an online store. We launched this project in order to meet the needs of all our customers, for large projects, coordinated by teams of architects or designers who aim for high quality standards, but also for small, exclusive projects. We consider that our know-how could make a difference when it comes to making a decision about design or purchasing the perfect products for decorating.

We approach each project in an unique way, with professionalism and willingness to understand the requests of the customer. If you need any advice, suggestions or you wish to have a conversation about your project, simply fill in the form and we will reach out to you immediately for a customized offer!

We have created specific tools to provide benefits to those who ask us for the entire project or make repeated purchases from us, such as architects, designers or real-estate developers. They become members of the BrandsFurniture Club. Please folow the link to see the offered benefits.

BrandsFurniture is a modern, intuitive and refined online store, aiming to build long-term relationships with each customer, by offering the right concepts and products.

Let’s get in touch,

The BrandFurniture Team


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