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Elf High School - Recreation area

20 Jul. 2022


From two of the best educational area and office furniture brands, we  added more personality to the recreation area at the ELF High School-the first private school in Cluj-napoca and one of the most prestigious in the region. They give special attention to all the details that matter in education and for their students.
Their standards are always high so we had to provide them the best products.
We chose the famous Interstuhl  UPIS1 an intelligent multifunctional stool, perfect for the purpuse of the room, encouraging the teens to get mobile, also while they sit it keeps their body, thought processes, and ideas completely flexible.

The table is from ISKU Matrix I, provides an adjustable and highly ergonomic sitting place or workstations. The table comes in different dimension and it can have an antimicrobial surface, ideal for multiple purpuses: medical, office or educational areas.

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